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Friday, 23 September 2016

Judy Bryan's Mars Bars and Memories

A few weeks ago I was thinking of my favourite things and these include reading, writing and

CAKE! So I thought, why don't I combine these three gorgeous things on my blog and ask some

of my lovely writer friends for their favourite cake recipes. So, to get the ball rolling and following

on from my own honey cake recipe, here is the very talented Judy Bryan's recipe for Mars Bar

cakes, with some lovely memories thrown in.

Mars Bars and Memories

When Alex said she was intending to blog about people's favourite recipes, I 

immediately thought of my husband’s grandma. When my husband and I married,

32 years ago, we used to visit her every Saturday morning for a cup of tea and a 

slice of cake. Although she baked a huge variety of recipes, everyone’s favourite

was Mars Bar Krispie slices. Now aged 96, she still makes it when someone calls

in to see her.

Over the years I’ve made many trays of it with my children – as toddlers, they used to

stand on chairs to stir in the Rice Krispies, and as they grew up they enjoyed making it

themselves, although most of the mixture was ‘tested’ before it made the tin! As a 

teenager, my daughter even made a batch in the early hours one morning. She couldn’t 

sleep and needed comfort food to get over a boy who had broken her heart.

My husband and I are going to visit her at university next weekend and she’s asked us

to bring the things she’s forgotten: shoes, clothes, phone charger … plus a Tupperware

full of Mars Bar Krispies to share with her housemates. I laughingly mentioned this to my 24-

year-old son, and without missing a beat he asked for a batch when I next see him!

I hope I’m still making it when I’m 96!

Mars Bar Krispie

This is such a simple recipe, but is really delicious.

50g butter

2 Mars Bars

Rice Krispies

Chocolate to cover (1 x 150g bar of milk chocolate)


1) Melt the butter and Mars Bars over a low heat

2) Stir in sufficient Rice Krispies to saturate the mixture

3) Spread into a non-stick baking tray

4) Leave to chill in the fridge

5) Melt the chocolate in a heat-proof bowl over a pan of boiling water (without the bowl

touching the water) or in a microwave on a low setting

6) Spread quickly over the chilled mixture

7) Chill in the fridge, then cut into slices

8) Enjoy!

Judy Bryan is the author of Playground Politics, Beyond the Clouds and Behind Closed


Judy's books are all available on Amazon and you can find them here;-