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Monday, 11 July 2016

Hidcote Manor Gardens

In June we took a family holiday to Gloucestershire. There were 9 of us, 7 adults and 2 children. Most of us have visited Hidcote Manor Gardens before but I always forget just how beautiful it is and how personal despite being a National Trust property and visited by thousands of people each year.

These Arts and Crafts gardens were created by Lawrence Johnston and over 30 years he transformed a few fields into what he called 'a garden of rooms', using 'only the best forms of any plant'.

He says that he 'carefully designed the garden spaces to slowly unfold, revealing a different atmosphere or new vista at every turn.' But it is not just the garden that unfolds. Immersed in its beauty you can feel yourself doing the same.

There is tranquillity...

and fun.

The opportunity to reflect...

...and to marvel.

You can enjoy Hidcote at any age.

And if you do get a bit tired there is always somewhere to sit.

The borders are spectacular...

...but I think this white bench and the wisteria was one of my favourite spots and my daughter-in-law's too.

And if you want to head off on your own and get away from everyone for a while you can do that as well!

These lupins will probably be over now but the garden will have new treasures waiting to be discovered. If you are get the chance to visit Hidcote, please do. It has inspired generations of gardeners but I am also sure that, rain or shine, within its boundaries it has provided solace and joy, respite and regeneration too. It truly is a magical place.

Thank-you for reading. Have a wonderful week.