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Monday, 12 October 2015

Something Had to Give!

Oh dear! It's four months since I wrote the blog and I didn't intend to take a break.
It just happened. Life got incredibly busy and something had to give. Sometimes you can carry on and find that you aren't doing anything particularly well. It was one of those times!

I'm at that age when I just want life to become a bit simpler and I'm always thinking that if I just organised myself a little bit better then things would be easier and I would have more time - but it never quite works that way. Like everyone else I do the best I can and muddle through but sometimes you just have to admit defeat and let something drop for a while.

Summer was busy with work as well as a gorgeous, happy family wedding in Somerset. I had to do  a bit of a battle with the garden as the weather in the U.K. wasn't very helpful to my vegetable patch. There also seemed to be a myriad of other demands on my time, some just run of the mill things and other more exciting ones. I went to Norwich for the weekend with my daughter, edited an adult novel and finally got back to my latest YA novel. In September my husband and I took a long-planned trip to California, driving from Los Angeles to San Francisco with stops along the way. I loved all of it, especially some of the fantastic people we met who added such joy to our trip. Complete strangers made us feel so welcome in their country and one lady even gave me her lottery ticket. We didn't win but that act of generosity will never be forgotten.

As a writer I really value peace and quiet, time to think. One of my favourite parts of our trip was a visit to Yosemite National Park. Sitting on our balcony in the evening we gazed up at a sky full of stars. Beneath us the River Merced rumbled gently over and around giant rocks. In the distance a coyote barked. It was such a privilege to be there.

But now it's back home, back to family, back to writing. I also plan to pick up my yoga again and of course that ever present desire to organise myself a little better so that I have more time for others and for myself!

I have recently started following the Quiet Revolution blog
It seems apt that this quote was on the first page today.

'Talents are best nurtured in solitude'
Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

Solitude in Yosemite

Have a brilliant week and thank-you for reading.