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Sunday, 10 May 2015

Paradise on Earth

It's been a busy few weeks and sometimes I've felt like a hamster on a wheel. But the week before last we got away for a few days to Seville and Granada. It was blissful. Seville is beautiful, friendly and full of life. I would go back in a heartbeat.

The trip to Granada was to visit The Alhambra, a long-held dream. It was constructed by The Nasrid kings to represent their idea of paradise on earth and just to the North of it is the Generalife, a country estate of the Nasrid where they could be a little closer to heaven and enjoy tranquillity away from the city.

This was the view from our hotel window

Granada was a Moorish stronghold until falling to the Catholic Monarchs, Ferdinand and Isabella in 1492. They were the parents of Katherine of Aragon and it was at The Alhambra that she spent her later childhood before leaving for England in 1501 to marry Prince Arthur, the older brother of Henry XVIII.

Here is a taste of what we found when arriving at the top of the hill - a place brimming with history, exquisite carvings and colourful tiles but also somewhere overflowing with light and shade, vistas and views, the scent of flowers and fruit, and water's melody at every turn. A truly magical place.

Nothing about The Alhambra and The Generalife disappointed. In fact it surpassed expectations. If you have never been I would urge you to put it on your list of places to visit.

Thank- you for dropping by. Have a wonderful week.


  1. Gosh! I wonder what Katherine of Aragon thought of Britain when she arrived here?!

  2. After nearly three months at sea and having had to return to Corunna once because of a fierce storm around the Bay of Biscay before setting sail again, I should think she was just relieved to set foot on dry land! She was barely sixteen though so the thought of a new life must have been quite nerve-wracking and arriving at Plymouth in October quite a startling change from Andalusia.