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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Never Grow Up

Last week it was my son's birthday. He was 26 and his girlfriend bought him some boy toys, a remote controlled car and a small model helicopter. As I stood at the cooker making scotch pancakes for breakfast, the toy car whizzed around my feet and immediately I was transported back twenty years to when both of my boys used to play on the kitchen floor and I had to be careful where I was treading.

"You should never grow up," my son's girlfriend said to him and I was reminded of this later in the week when I went to visit an old friend. This lady was a friend of my parents and has known me since before I was born. There are some people who always make you feel better, who always leave you with a spring in your step and she is one of them.

Despite any troubles she may have, she always looks beautiful, has a ready smile and a great sense of fun. In many ways, inside her head, she has not grown up and her home reflects this lightness of spirit. In her hall are photographs of her family and flowers arranged in a crystal vase, this week an airy bunch of pale pink carnations. We had tea in her elegant sitting room with it's aqua walls and cream carpet. She pushed a chair nearer to the fire to ensure I was warm enough and took a small walnut table from the nest of tables and placed it next to me. The tea tray was set with bone china cups and silver tea spoons. I felt absolutely cosseted but I know this treatment was not just reserved for me. She is like this with all of her friends which is why she has so many of them. She is interesting and interested. She is a role model for many and we all need those.

My china cups and saucers have stayed in the cupboard recently but I shall be getting them out and using them. But more importantly than that, as the years pass, I shall try to emulate my friend and grow older gracefully and with good humour.

Thank-you so much for reading. Have a lovely week.

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