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Saturday, 7 June 2014

A Special Chair

When I was very small I used to sit in this chair a lot.

Sometimes I would sit in it to watch television. Sometimes my Mother would pull it up to a small oak table, (which I still have), and serve my tea. I remember soft, golden scrambled egg with bread and butter or a small piece of fish with some parsley sauce or, one of my favourites, ravioli by a company called Hero. You can still get Hero ravioli in a tin if you go to Spain but I can't find it in the U.K. any more. Sometimes I would sit in the chair and draw. Maybe I might even have practised writing my first words while sitting in this chair.

When I grew too big for it the chair was put in a spare bedroom and then, when my own children were small, my Mother got it out again. She made a loose cover out of some spare dark green and pink Sanderson fabric and the chair was put to use again. One by one, my own children sat in it, doing the same things which I used to do.

For the last few years the chair has been in our loft but, recently, I brought it downstairs and placed it by the front door. The original red upholstery is looking a bit tatty now and the varnished wood is worse for wear.  My small grand-daughter sits  on the chair when I take her shoes off or put them back on again. Soon I will be able to pull it up to the little oak table for her but first it needs a bit of a makeover. So I have bought some sandpaper and some nice green upholstery fabric and set myself a project. When we were first married I re-upholstered a three piece suite, albeit not very well, so this chair shouldn't be too much of a challenge. I'm going to take my time with it though, not rush it. In the U.K. upcycyling is a big thing at the moment, taking old furniture or clothes and giving them a new lease of life. Old things have a history to them, whether they have belonged to you for ages, or whether they have recently joined you. I hope this chair will stay in the family for many years to come and future generations will use it and love it as much as I do.

Thank-you for reading and, once I've finished the chair, I'll post a photo so you can see whether I've made a good job of it or not but of course the ultimate approval will have to come from my grand-daughter!


  1. Wonderful and evocative! Lucky little granddaughter to be able to sit on a history of love.

  2. Ah thank-you Pippa. A 'history of love' would make a lovely title for a book!