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Saturday, 3 May 2014

Treasure the Days

It's been a good week on the whole. A week to be thankful for. Nothing incredibly exciting has happened but for this writer excitement can be de-railing so I'm not complaining about that. Here are some of the things which have made it a good week.

I went to hear an informative and fun talk about A Midsummer Night's Dream.

My husband played his first cricket match of the season. The horse chestnut trees which edge one side of the ground are in full bloom and horses and lambs grazed contentedly on the other side. In such an idyllic setting the fact that the batting collapsed didn't matter so much.

My tulips have given me a lot of pleasure this week, especially these which are in a pot near the washing line.

I made cranberry and orange flapjack. I enjoy having the time to bake.

A friend invited me over for a cup of tea one afternoon and I saw her delicate, inspiring calligraphy.

This same friend introduced me to her favourite poem - The Lake Isle of Innisfree by W.B. Yeats. If you don't know it, please find a little time to take a look. It is absolutely beautiful.

Outside my kitchen window the orange azalea, which my grandmother bought for me many moons ago, unfurled its petals.

My daughter got a job.

I met up with some writer and artist friends for lunch.

At this lunch I tasted the most heavenly meringues which just melted on the tongue (a Lorraine Pascale recipe which I am planning to try).

I got lots of writing done this week. For the time being I have put my YA novel to one side and returned to some adult romantic fiction. My hero has taken shape and I've really got into the swing of it.

But sometimes an event colours your week. It can happen far away to someone you have never met. It can cast light and shadow over a great distance. It can move you to tears. Two events this week have had that effect on me. The death of Ann Maguire, the teacher who was killed at Corpus Christi School in Leeds has cast a long shadow over the whole of the U.K. She was, by all accounts, an outstanding teacher and a wonderful person, someone who had devoted a large part of her life to her students. I first heard the news of her death while at my writing lunch. Our hostess, Josephine, has a brother who works in that same school. We had been laughing, chatting, sharing our news and our food. In an instant, our moods changed. Josephine speaks to her brother nearly every day. They ask each other 'Any news?' She says that often they reply 'No, nothing happens here.' How she wished they could say that to each other on Monday. How we all wished that. Later Josephine sent us all an e-mail saying 'Let us treasure the days 'nothing happens'. Wise words indeed.

The light has come from Stephen Sutton, a young man, terminally ill with cancer, who has so far raised more than £3.1 million for the Teenage Cancer Trust. Yesterday, against all the odds, Stephen was discharged from hospital, describing this as 'quite remarkable'. You can find out more via his 'Just Giving' website.

I would like to finish with Stephen's words:-

 'The simple things we take for granted are all blessings...'

Thank-you for reading. May your week be full of blessings and wherever you are be safe.

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