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Monday, 12 May 2014

Hull Book Awards

Last week I went up to Hull. I'd never been there before and it is the sort of place which is easily by-passed as geographically it is quite isolated  It is situated in Yorkshire where the River Hull meets the Humber Estuary and, although it is a city, the people I met all said that it had an intimate, smaller town feel to it. Those that had moved there from other parts of the country had forged roots and developed a deep affection for the place.

Last Chance Angel had been short-listed for the James Reckitt Hull Book Award and, prior to the voting ceremony on Thursday, I spent two days in schools. I talked about the book and where the idea came from, my love of reading and writing, inspiration and observation amongst other things. Everyone was incredibly welcoming and I met some lovely people, teachers, librarians and students. I hope they enjoyed the experience half as much as I did.

I also got the chance to meet other writers. The other short-listed authors were as follows:-

 C.J. Flood - Infinite Sky

 Andy Mulligan - The Boy with Two Heads

Phil Earle - Heroic

Tom Becker - While the Others Sleep

Many congratulations to Chelsey Flood who was the winner and went home with a lovely engraved glass award. Apparently the voting was very close between all five of us which is nice to know and although it would have been nice to win, it really is the taking part which gives you a boost. I think that talking to other writers, hearing of their ups and downs, learning about how they structure their working lives, gives you an opportunity to re-assess your own. Just being with people who love books so much gave me a real boost and seeing how much the students appreciated being able to talk to the authors was also incredibly motivating.

So this week it's back to doing some actual writing and quite a lot of thinking about projects which I'd like to make more progress with.

Thank you for reading and I hope that whatever you are doing this week you make good progress.

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