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Friday, 23 May 2014

A Walk and a Talk

Last weekend all of my family were together for a time which is a rare and precious thing these days. We had coffee and cake in the garden while my granddaughter played on the grass beside us. Later that day my husband and sons left for their game of cricket and my daughter and I went for a walk.

The lanes were bedecked with cow parsley, it's musky scent wafting on the air.

 We stopped to admire a magenta coloured climbing rose on the front of a stone cottage and watched some brown woolly sheep munching in a field.

.The sun was hot, the sky was blue, the people and dogs we met were generous with their greetings. It was one of those perfect afternoons when all seemed well with the world. And while we walked, we talked.

Last week I spoke of us being on the cusp of change. My daughter had decided some time ago that she would like to take a gap year after university. Not to do anything particularly adventurous but just to give herself some space after years of academic restrictions. She planned to get a part-time job, (which she has already done), and explore which direction she would like to take next in her life. She wants to give herself time to think.

I also have a sort of a gap. My next YA book for Templar, No Going Back, is to be published at the beginning of July.

With the publication of this book my relationship with Templar is ending for now. Their parent company, Bonnier, has decided that they will no longer publish YA fiction. There is no guarantee that they would have taken my next YA novel but there was at least a possibility they would have looked at it. While I am sad to be no longer working with such wonderful publishers I do have a burgeoning sense of freedom. Whilst I intend to continue writing YA there is no immediate pressure. I have other projects which I would like to devote time to, an adult romance, some more young fiction, a back-list to resurrect.

So as we walked, my daughter and I, we talked of our hopes and dreams, of decisions to be made and those to be put on hold. We could have done this sitting down over a cup of tea but there is something about the act of walking which clarifies the thoughts. The pauses to revel in the scent of lilac overhanging a wall or a telephone box full of books can lead to insights and ideas which might otherwise have lingered just out of reach.

This morning I read a quote which had been written in my diary some time ago;-

'Change can be easy and uncomplicated if you don't look back.'

It seems a good place to end this blog and a good place to begin the weekend and the week ahead.

Thank-you for reading and I hope your days to come are easy and uncomplicated.


  1. Sounds like an amazing weekend. Change is ever easy but I know you and your daughter will both make the very best use of your time... and there are always those picture book mss!

  2. Lovely cover for the new book! I'm looking forward to reading it. And the walking and talking sounds blissful. It's an especially lovely time of year for doing just that.