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Friday, 15 November 2013

A Winter Warmer

This week we had our first frost. Crunchy grass underfoot and curls of breath rising up into the air. Darkness is coming early. Lights need to be switched on at about four o'clock in the afternoon. Winter feels as if it has arrived and this week I cooked an old favourite. I cut this recipe from a newspaper years ago and cooked it regularly as it is one of my son's favourites but it's funny how you suddenly forget about recipes and that is what had happened to this one.

But this week my son was at home for a brief break and I was looking to make something out of store-cupboard standbys. I suddenly remembered this recipe and it contains ingredients which I usually have to hand. The sausages I used are from Marks and Spencer because their premium range is wheat free but you could use any good quality ones.

Campfire Casserole
(Serves 3/4 depending upon how hungry you are!)

1 tbsp. sunflower oil
8 thick sausages, cut into thick slices
1 onion finely chopped
2 potatoes cut into chunks
3 carrots cut into chunks
300 ml (or slightly more) hot chicken or vegetable stock
420g can chopped tomatoes
1tbsp Worcestershire sauce
420g can baked beans
salt and pepper

Crusty bread to serve or garlic bread is nice.

Method: Heat the oil in a large casserole, add the sausage slices and cook for 7/10 minutes, stirring occasionally until brown all over and cooked through. (I usually take the skins off the sausages before cooking or you might find they shrink and need removing at this stage which can be fiddly).

Add the onion, potatoes and carrots to the pan and cook for 5 minutes, stirring until the onion has softened..

Stir in the hot stock, chopped tomatoes and Worcestershire sauce. Bring to the boil, then reduce the heat, cover and simmer for 15/20 minutes until the potatoes and carrots are just tender.

Stir in the baked beans and heat through. Season with salt (you might not need any due to the Worcs. sauce) and pepper and serve with crusty bread.

My husband said that this is a good warming meal for a winter night and he's right. It is. As it's cooked all in one pot there's hardly any washing up to do afterwards which always goes down well.
I should have taken a photograph to show you but I'm afraid we ate it all before I remembered!
If you give it a try I do hope that you enjoy it.

Many thanks for reading and I hope you have a good week.

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