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Saturday, 19 October 2013

New England

We have been away on a much awaited holiday to New England so I haven't posted my blog for a couple of weeks. It's always a little bit worrying when you look forward to something for a long time - the worry being that it may disappoint. Well, I'm happy to report that it didn't. The trees were fabulous, especially up in New Hampshire and Vermont. The places we stayed in were beautiful and the people so welcoming and polite. The whole place was also spotlessly clean. So here is a taste of what we got up to in fourteen action packed days.

Here we are in Boston's beautiful park on our first day. It was 81 degrees.

We walked The Freedom Trail and had a really fun time at the Boston Tea Party museum even though, being British, we were effectively the enemy! Here is Mr. G. getting into the swing of things and about the throw a carton of tea overboard. Huzzah!

After a couple of days we headed for Rockport where nearly all of the houses were already bright with decorations for Halloween.
But of course we really went to see the trees. This was taken from a boat on Squam Lake, New Hampshire, on a rather cold, cloudy day, but they were still stunning, although my photograph is a bit misty.
 Whilst staying in Lenox we visited Edith Wharton's house. She had a rather sad life but this house where she lived for ten years is extremely elegant and doesn't possess an aura of unhappiness.

In Mystic we went to an aquarium where we saw Beluga whales, sea lions, penguins and these pretty fish.
At Cape Cod we hired bikes and cycled along the coastal path from Falmouth to Woods Hole and the following day we took the boat over to Martha's vineyard where we hopped on the shuttle bus and visited genteel Edgartown and the pretty Wesleyan houses in Oak Bluffs.

On our last day we stopped off at Plymouth to board a replica of The Mayflower.

I find it difficult not to write but, apart from a few notes for my next novel on the plane over, I didn't write a thing. And it's really done me good. I've come back awash with motivation and inspiration from all of the sights and sounds of this particular part of the U.S. And I did get the chance to fulfil one of my most important wishes, which was to sit on a porch in a rocking chair, stare at the sea, and just think.

I hope you've had a good couple of weeks too and that over the next few days you get the chance for some valuable thinking time. As always, thank-you for reading.


  1. It sounds as you had a wonderful time...I've always wanted to make a similar trip....lovely photos, and I look forward to hearing all about what you got upto at lunch next week.

  2. You must go! It is wonderful and New England is full of craft shops, galleries and the most wonderful independent bookshops in every small town. So inspiring!