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Monday, 29 April 2013

Patience is a virtue

My grandmother used to have a saying:-

Patience is a virtue and virtue is a grace
Both put together make a very pretty face
Now this probably explains a lot because apparently one of my favourite expressions when I was very small was:-
What a charming child I sound! But I have felt as powerless as that child for the past nine days because I haven't had any internet connection. All we did was change our tariff but our provider has made an almighty cock-up of what should have been a simple, stress-free procedure. One week of very expensive phone calls later we seem to have got to the bottom of the problem but they can't (or won't) re-instate our broadband until 7th May. That's another whole week away! I have explained that I work from home and am dependent on the internet. Do they care? Not a jot.
Anyway, looking for silver linings to this situation, I have realised, (not that I didn't already know), how much time and time-wasting can be involved with the internet. So I have had quite a bit more free time. These are some of the things I have done with that time.
I have baked a cherry and almond cake.
I have planted quite a lot of seeds; leeks and onions, some runner beans and French beans for my sister-in-law, marigold seeds saved from last year by my friend Jan and some heritage pea seeds called Clarke's Bettany Blue from my friend Bridget.
I have been shopping and bought some summer clothes in the eager anticipation that we are going to get some nice weather. (Cold North-Easterly winds have resurrected themselves in the East Midlands and yesterday it felt and looked like Winter for the first cricket match of the season).
I have spent quite a lot of time planning my talk for some school visits in June - but now I have decided it is not right so need to start all over again! The internet being down has actually done me a favour in that respect because otherwise I would have sent my ideas off to Templar for them to put together some slides so it's a good thing I didn't.
I have also got down to some uninterrupted writing of young fiction. It is a story which I'd already begun but wasn't totally happy with. So I've done myself a pin-board, had a good think about where the plot and characters need to go and started to re-write it. I'm actually quite pleased with the progress so far.
I do miss the e-mail contacts though and browsing through some lovely blogs and having information at my fingertips. (This morning I have come to my husband's office to access that elusive internet). But there's nothing I can do so I have to exercise patience whether I like it or not and I suppose that is good for me. Who knows, by May 7th I may even end up with a prettier face!
Thank-you for reading and I hope your week is straightforward and stress-free.

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  1. Without the Internet for so long! It sounds like being thrown into solitary. I can understand that you got a lot more done though. That cake sounds yummy :-)