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Saturday, 9 February 2013

Book Bloggers

Last Saturday I had a lovely day. I was invited by my publishers, Templar, to meet some book bloggers in London. I caught the 9.25 train from Leicester station and it was buzzing with people on their way to the England/Scotland rugby match at Twickenham. At the offices for Hot Key Books, where the event was being held,  Katie my editor, Jayne, Annie and the Hot Key/Templar team were already there, as were most of the bloggers. And what a great bunch of people they are. It goes without saying that they read so many books. I am in awe of them and to be honest slightly jealous!
I don't seem to have the time these days to read as many books as I would like to and I'm definitely slower at reading than I used to be. I used to whizz through books and still be able to remember them in detail. Maybe it's my age or the fact that life is so busy or maybe both.

There were also some other authors there too who I hadn't met before, the lovely Karen Saunders, Alison Rattle, Claire McFall ,Julie Mayhew and Matt Whyman. Here I am with Alison, Claire, Julie and Matt. Not sure where Karen had got to at this point!

 I also came away with some books which are now by my bed waiting to be read. It's one of my favourite things, having a pile of books ready to dip into, but if I'm ever wondering which children's/YA book to read next or trying to find just the right book to buy as a present I shall visit one of these blogs and see what the incredibly knowledgeable people I met on Saturday are recommending. And if you'd like to check them out too, here they are:-

And here we all are, bloggers, editors and authors together.

Finally, Katie, Jayne, Karen and I went for a cup of tea at one of London's brilliant cycle cafes at 49 Old Street. It's called Look Mum No Hands and I loved it. Tea, bicycles and talk about books all in one place - absolutely brilliant! And when I got home, the Dearly Beloved had lit the fire, recorded the rugby for me and been shopping to get something nice for supper. What a star he is! It was the perfect end to the day. I really hope that you've had some good days this week too.


  1. It was lovely to meet you too, Alex. I love meeting authors and talking to them about all sorts of things. And it's especially great to see them when their books are just about to be published and they're all giddily excited about it too!

  2. Thanks M. I really enjoyed meeting all of of the bloggers. It was such a nice things for Templar and Hot Key to do. Hope you and Little M are sitting cosily on the sofa reading some good books this week.