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Saturday, 8 December 2012

Christmas Tree Spree

I love Christmas! I don't like the decorations going up too early and I hate to see Christmas paraphernalia for sale in September but on the first weekend in December a nearby village holds a Christmas tree festival and we've been going for about the last seven or eight years. This is when I begin to absorb the spirit of Christmas.

This year we navigated the country roads on a bitterly cold and foggy Friday evening but it was worth the effort. The church of St. Andrews was warm and welcoming and as for the Christmas trees - well they were magnificent, better than ever. Here is a small sample of what we saw:-

This one was covered in little felt decorations and was called 'A Heartfelt Christmas' My photo doesn't do it justice. It was very pretty and loads of work had gone into making it.

I loved the simplicity of these pieces of driftwood with just some lights wound around.
This next one was actually called 'Simplici-tree'
This one below was beautifully made of pine cones and was called 'WARNING - This tree may contain nuts'.
There was a 'Christmas Carol' tree with this tombstone to the side.
 And in the junior section ' A Shoe Tree'.
 One of my favourites was  'Come in and have a nice CUP OF TREE'.
The winner in the adult section (which the Dearly Beloved voted for) was 'Wild Floristree'.
It had silver twigs
Furry bees and baubles containing photographs of flowers
As well as an owl!
There were 55 entries in all so this is only a taster.All proceeds will go to leukemia and lymphoma research, St. Andrew's Church and Burton Overy village hall.
 There is one more tree I have to include -
the tree for Rainbows Hospice for Children and Young Adults
One of the messages on this tree particularly caught my eye.
It was written by a nurse called Lisa who said.:-
"At Rainbows we laugh, we play but above all we can make every single moment count."
So when I'm getting stressed over Christmas about whether everyone has the presents they want or if the turkey is going to be dry, I shall try to remember the children at Rainbows Hospice and Lisa's words. They put everything into perspective.
Thank-you for looking at my blog. Next week I'll be writing about my latest book, Last Chance Angel which is to be published by Templar Books in June 2013. This is a book which I was writing through some of the most difficult times in my life. It was a book I vowed to finish, a book I was so committed to that I promised myself that if it didn't find a publisher I would publish it myself. It is a book which has really challenged me as a writer and I hope you'll return to hear a little more about it and where the idea came from.

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  1. Lovely to see the range of trees, Alex. It took me back to my visit to that same tree festival a couple of years ago, and it really did set Christmas going in me.