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Monday, 9 July 2012

Keeping Your Feet On The Ground

For the past few weeks I have been editing a children's novel which is due to be published by Templar in 2013. I have, for large chunks of time, been inhabiting another place and it can be difficult at the end of the day to leave my characters and their problems behind and to return to the real world. It was when training to be a reflexologist that I learned of the importance of grounding.
When giving a treatment it is important to keep your feet firmly on the ground in order not to feel disconnected or 'floaty'. After a challenging stint of writing it is important to re-connect, to earth oneself, to be able to talk to my family without feeling distracted. So here are some of the ways I have found to be useful for grounding:-

1. Drinking plenty of water. It can be tap water, filtered water or mineral water - it doesn't matter.

2. Walking barefoot around the house or with a thick pair of socks on in winter but basically allowing your feet to feel the floor beneath you. Even the softest pair of slippers are constricting to your feet.

3. Even better is to walk outside, preferably on the grass.

 Again barefoot is best but obviously that's not always possible. If my head is particularly 'buzzy' just going into the garden and standing on the grass calms me.

4. Gardening is extremely therapeutic. Either delving your hands into soil, weeding or sowing seeds or visiting some of the beautiful gardens we have in this country. One of my favourite gardens to visit is Coton Manor in Northamptonshire.

5. Eating root vegetables, carrots, beetroot, onions, parsnips, anything which has grown below ground. I also have a juicer and use that often. One of my favourite combinations is celery, carrot and fennel.

6. I love visiting a market to buy vegetables. We have a brilliant local open air market which sells a myriad of products. It is always vibrant and bustling. Recently I visited this market in Pollenca, Mallorca where I bought a kilo of French beans for about £2.00. Brilliant! But I loved the dislplay of flowers too.

Do you sometimes find it difficult to get back to real life after writing? If so, please let me know what you do to connect with everyone and everything around you.


  1. Do you really walk outside barefooted?! I'd be scared of stepping on a thistle or, worse still, a bug! Yaaagh! I've heard of grounding but didn't know what it entails. I shall try some of it... But not the bare feet outside!

    1. I do walk outside barefoot! It's lovely to feel the grass between your toes and walking in the dew is meant to be especially good for you. According to Eastern tradition dew is meant to improve the immune system, help with nervous disorders, overcome stress, give energy and support the kidneys. Have I persuaded you to take your shoes off now?!