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Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Trouble, tree houses and travel

Those who know me well are aware of my technophobic tendencies. In an effort to drag me into the 21stcentury Rosalind Adam has tagged me. Rosalind, who has a fantastic blog has asked me to write 7 interesting facts about myself. So here goes:-

1.  My imagination was very vivid from a young age. I’m an only child and I have always longed for a brother or a sister. When I was about five years old I managed to convince my form teacher at school that my mother was pregnant. I even have an exercise book where I drew a picture of her being taken off to hospital in an ambulance to have the baby. When I got found out by teachers and parents I got into a lot of trouble!

2.  I used to play a lot with my cousin Charles. He is one of four and is six months younger than me. He had a tree house in his garden and I loved that tree house. In fact when I was young I just loved climbing trees. I was a real tomboy and loved sport. I adored hockey, netball and cricket but couldn't get the hang of lacrosse at all.

3.  I can’t resist a nice jug! This drives my husband mad but I feel that it is a fairly harmless addiction! I have a shelf devoted to my jugs but would probably have a whole houseful if I wasn’t married to such a practical man! This is one of my favourites. It is from The Art Deco Collection for Spode, by Nick Munro. Here is a picture of it:-

4.  I believe in ghosts and am sure that I have seen one. It was someone very close and he appeared at a family gathering several months after he had died. It was just for an instant but he was very clear and standing in a place where I would not have expected to see him which is what makes me think it was real.

5.  I’m quite stubborn and hate rudeness or injustice. Because I’m naturally quiet and used to be very shy people who don’t know me very well sometimes seem surprised when I dig my heels in about something.

6.  Although I love my home I am a bit of a restless soul and love to travel to new places in this country or abroad. The most interesting place I have been to so far is Israel which was absolutely fascinating and I want to go back one day.

7.  At school when it was raining and we couldn’t go outside we used to play jacks in break time. I got pretty good at it but it seemed to rain more during the Winter back then. A couple of years ago I bought some jacks to see if I’d still got the knack. I can report that it’s like riding a bicycle. You may be a bit wobbly to start with but you soon get the hang of it again.

Thank-you very much to Ros for asking me to do this. It’s been a fun exercise which has brought back some very happy memories. I would like to pass the baton on to Chris Gutteridge of Second Nature Gardens. Chris has been designing and building gardens since he was fifteen. With his company, Second Nature, he has exhibited at the Chelsea Flower Show, The Hampton Court Flower Show and Gardeners’ World Live at the NEC. Chris and his Company are exhibiting at Chelsea again this year and I have asked Chris to tell us seven of his favourite plants.